Eu Support For Farmers

In order to help farmers be more ready to welcome the opening of competitions intended for agriculture, we are organizing two info sessions:

The first info session will be dedicated to topics such as:

  •  Status of Serbia in relation to donors (emphasis on the EU)
  •  EU funds and opportunities
  •  Types of projects
  •  Method of project preparation (from problem to result)
  •  The importance of networking

While the other will deal with:

  •  EU support and opportunities for farmers
  •  Available sources of funding
  •  IPARD - EU instrument for pre-accession assistance in the field of rural development
  •  The method of project preparation
  •  The importance of planning

Both info sessions will be led by Doc. Dr. Biljana Viduka.

Due to the limited number of places, registration is required, no later than October 29 at 10 am.

Registered participants will receive a zoom link to the e-mail address an hour before the radio.


Last updated: May 6, 2021, 16:32