Serbian delegation visits Portugal: learning about best HRM practices in public administration

From April 16-19, 2024, a delegation of 12 Serbian public administration representatives visited Portugal within the scope of the “Integrated Human Resources Management in Public Administration” project. This visit aimed to gain insights into advanced human resources management (HRM) practices from one of the EU member states. Their hosts were from the Directorate General for Administration and Public Employment (DGAEP) in Portugal.

The delegation, consisting of members from the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, led by Ivana Savićević, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Human Resources Management, and the Human Resources Management Service led by its director, Dr. Danilo Rončević, spent three days learning about Portugal’s HRM systems in public administration. Key areas they were able to learn more about and discuss with their colleagues from Portugal included:

•    Data collection and monitoring for public employment
•    Recruitment and selection processes
•    Performance appraisal and mobility systems
•    Management tools and HR planning
•    Competency framework monitoring and top manager recruitment and selection

During their time in Lisbon, the Serbian delegation participated in several sessions, presentations, lectures, and discussions. They explored how Portugal collects and uses public employment data, the importance of a competency-based HRM system, and the benefits of effective performance appraisal and mobility systems within the state administration.

The knowledge gained from this visit is expected to help Serbia develop a robust HRM monitoring and evaluation system. By understanding the key success factors and best practices in Portugal, Serbian officials aim to implement similar strategies tailored to their national context. This will include creating comprehensive data collection methods, designing effective performance appraisal systems, and establishing competency frameworks that align with European standards. Ultimately, these improvements will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Serbian public administration, resulting in better service delivery and benefits for all citizens of Serbia.

Last updated: July 18, 2024, 11:52