The household waste separation project "O-dva-ja-mo" starts in Dimitrovgrad

On October 24, in front of the local Cultura Center, the "O-dva-ja-mo" Household Waste Separation Project was officially presented to the citizens of Dimitrovgrad, organized by the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad and JP "Komunalac".

The municipality of Dimitrovgrad is starting the implementation of the household waste separation project, "O-DVA-JA-MO", which was initiated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, with the support of the European Union and the Kingdom of Sweden. The project aims to establish a system for waste separation at the point of origin in 17 municipalities of Serbia by investing in equipment and informing citizens about the advantages of separating household waste, for its later successful recycling and reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

On this occasion, and with the aim of raising the awareness of our citizens about the importance of environmental protection through the primary separation of waste for recycling, the Dimitrovgrad municipality, in cooperation with JP "Komunalac", organized an action to collect PET packaging in the elementary school "Hristo Botev" and preschool institution "8. September" who were joined by volunteers - students of the high school "Saints Cyril and Methodius" from Dimitrovgrad. At the festive event that took place, prizes were awarded to all participants, and the organizers of the event expressed their satisfaction at the interest of citizens to be informed and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

In his address to the present citizens, the deputy mayor of the municipality, Zoran Gerov, pointed out that with the implementation of this project, Dimitrovgrad and other local governments included in it will improve waste management and the current state of the environment.

"The very fact that we are among the 4 regional centers and among the 17 municipalities that are the first to participate in that project is a great honor and pleasure, but also a great obligation." Those who decided who would be a participant in the project had in mind our experience in separating paper packaging and plastic packaging, and that is impossible to do if you do not have a regional landfill of the type such as the Pirot Regional Waste Management Centre, which has the conditions for processing that separated waste. Our task is to motivate, first of all, older fellow citizens, to change their habits a little, so that all those who are ready to participate in schools and kindergartens contribute to the education of the younger generation," said Gerov.

Director of Public Enterprise "Komunalac" Saša Aleksov said that "Komunalac" has always been and will be a supporter of such projects.

"In the next month, we will place all containers for paper, plastic and metal, and especially containers for glass in the urban part of the municipality." We will deliver 240-liter bins to individual households. It is a serious job that we need to finish as soon as possible and start implementing the project. We will make maximum efforts to educate citizens as soon as possible in the proper separation of waste through the distribution of leaflets, billboards and social networks, and we also hope that we will have the support of the media," said Aleksov.

The domestic waste separation project "Odvajamo" takes place in 17 municipalities in Serbia, which will improve their waste management system through this project, and through the investments of the European Union, the Embassy of Sweden and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, 26 waste collection vehicles, over 90,000 bins and containers, as well as public opinion research and public information campaigns.

Last updated: September 22, 2023, 14:49