Za naša polja - New Agricultural Campaign

"Za naša polja - EU za poljoprivredu" ("For our fields - the EU for agriculture") is the slogan of the campaign by which the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management present the results of EU support to Serbian agriculture.

More quality fruits and vegetables, modern mechanisation, healthy food, improvement of milk production, improvement of market conditions for agricultural products - are the results of the improvement of Serbian agriculture. Large farms, small farmers, cooperatives and agricultural innovators - will continue to have opportunities to improve cultivation and production in cooperation with the EU.

Several dozen growers, fruit growers, dairies, farmers, winegrowers, cattle breeders, beekeepers… participated in the creation of a series of video stories. Their testimonies, shots of fruits, gardens, greenhouses, colours of work, tastes of nature, scents of fields - are the basic messages of this campaign. You will hear them directly in the RTS morning program, in the popular show "This is Serbia" as well as on numerous local and regional TV channels.

How to make a living from the production of mushroom pate, goat cheese, lutenica, premium wine, paprika "spikes" and "babura", meadow honey, fresh apricots and during the winter - you will find in the texts published by the most visited portals in Serbia. And you can find them on this site in the "success stories" section. "For our fields - the EU for agriculture" you will hear from the waves of domestic radio stations with an invitation to apply for new donations that the EU and the Directorate for Agrarian Payments are preparing for this fall.

Users of social networks will find the campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - if you follow @eusrbija as well as on the channels of the Ministry of Agriculture. For those who believe in the living word the most, we will perform live - during all the week of the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad (from September 18 to 23).

If the epidemiological situation allows, we will cook, taste food and wine, have a prize-winning farming quiz and have fun with cheerful music in several cities in Serbia. The EU has so far donated 230m euros to help agriculture and improve food safety in Serbia. Preservation of the environment and human health, food safety, respect for animal welfare, prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, maintenance of land in good condition, rural development - are the main goals of supporting EU activities in the agricultural sector in Serbia.

Last updated: October 26, 2021, 16:34