Professional, quality and independent journalism is one of the basic values ​​on which the community of European countries is based.

The European Union provides support to the media and media professionals in Serbia through various projects.

One of the projects that has become recognisable in the media world refers to the long-term media visits that the EU organises in Serbia for journalists from various newsrooms.

The aim of the visits is to bring the process of European integration closer to the citizens of Serbia through quality media content, but also to enable journalists to see on the spot, in conversations with people, examples of good practice and benefits of European integration for ordinary people across Europe.

The project is open to media that report in Serbian and address the public in Serbia, which respect the Code of Ethics as well as internationally recognised standards of professional and ethical journalism.

Apart from this project, the European Union awards the annual prize for investigative journalism in Serbia, supports various workshops and seminars aimed at developing skills and empowering media workers.

The EU has been doing all this through a three-year project Strengthening Quality News and Independent Journalism in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Investigative journalism trainings and digital journalism workshops are organised as well as  the visits of editors to European media where they can learn about different ways of working and transfer it to Serbia, assistance in writing and publishing quality journalistic papers in various media is given,  interstate cooperation and research are encouraged, but also the empowerment and education of those who hold various workshops and trainings for journalists are offered.

One of the most visible things on this project, which has gained special value not only among the professional community but also among citizens over the years, is the annual EU Investigative Journalism Award awarded by the EU.

The award is given in all countries participating in the project.

In addition to these projects, the EU provides support to the media when it comes to reporting on certain topics that are of particular importance for the process of European integration, such as the rule of law.

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Last updated: July 18, 2024, 11:52