Construction of Intermodal Terminal in Batajnica

Construction of Intermodal Terminal in Batajnica, in the vicinity of Belgrade. This important project was supported with nearly EUR 13 million grants, out of 14.5 total investment cost

Belgrade is getting an intermodal terminal that will boost development of a modern combined transport of goods by increasing participation of railway and creating a partnership relationship with the road transport. This way railway becomes more competitive on the market, while following all future trends in transport through the use of modern technologies.

This terminal will increase current capacities of the combined transport in Serbia 8 times, it is located in Batajnica industrial zone, and the total investment amounts to 15.5 million EUR, of which the EU finances 90% of these works through a grant, while the remaining amount is funded by the Republic of Serbia.

Last updated: February 3, 2023, 12:51