Ongoing projects: 5
Completed projects since 2016: 7

About Sector

Transport in the European Union aims to improve the functioning of its internal market by ensuring the safety and quality of transport services, protecting the interests of users of those services and protecting the environment. Bearing in mind that transport is the industry of the future, 10% of the total acquis communautaire is covered by transport policy regulations designed to tackle a variety of transport problems. EU regulations cover road, rail, water, air and maritime transport and concern the technical, social and safety standards of those sectors. These standards contribute to the development of the EU economy, price stability, improved passenger comfort and living standards of the population in accordance with environmental protection.

The focus of EU rail projects in Serbia is primarily on:

  • liberalizing this sector,
  • opening it up to competition,
  • improving safety and
  • developing rail infrastructure.

Air transport projects address market access issues, as well as air safety, and improve passengers' rights and obligations. Water transport projects recognize the enormous potential of the European Corridor VII (Danube River) and focus on enforcing strict safety rules, reducing the risk of navigation damage and reducing the negative impact on the environment. 

List of key local partners/organisations

  • Ministry of European Integration
  • Ministry of finance
  • Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure
  • Minister without portfolio for Regional Development

Transport sector projects funded by the EU in Serbia are aimed at improving transport connectivity and thus better economic integration within the region and with the EU. In addition, significant efforts of the EU funded projects in transport sector are dedicated to market opening and appliance of EU standards. The EU funded projects significantly supported the railway reform process, introduction of contemporary and most cost-effective maintenance practices of road infrastructure, and introduction of river information system for improving navigability on Serbian inland waterways.

The support to the EU to transport sector in Serbia has amounted to more than EUR 325 million EU grants from 2000 up to now. Additional 95.8 million EUR is already announced and will be formally approved by the end of 2021. In addition, more then 40 million EUR EU grants are allocated to preparation of strategically priority transport investments, of a total value of more than EUR 3.7 billion to be implemented combining future EU grant funds and favorable loans.

Last updated: June 30, 2022, 10:36