EU for Accessible Public Facilities

Project purpose: 

Raising the capacity and awareness of target groups and improving their knowledge, skills and sensibility which should lead to a better strategic approach and work on improving accessibility within local self-government units. Capacity building, in addition to theoretical training will be achieved through the preparation of professional publications, examples of good practice, study visits and exchange of domestic and international experiences.

Raising the visibility of the topic of accessibility is also expected to influence and improve the existing regulations governing the field of accessibility in the Republic of Serbia.

Planned activities: 

  • Preparation of guidelines and publications for the application and control of the application of accessibility standards.
  • Preparation and execution of training programs for policy making, decision making, implementation and monitoring of legislative framework
  • Analysis of the legislative and the strategic framework, preparation of recommendations and advocacy actions for the improvement of laws and strategies in the field of accessibility
Last updated: December 8, 2021, 14:27