EU for Natura 2000 in Serbia

Project goals

The overall objective of the project "EU for Natura 2000 in Serbia" is to increase the effectiveness of the Republic of Serbia in the preparation for EU accession in the area of nature protection. One of the main requirements that accession countries have to fulfill in area of nature protection is to establish the Natura 2000, a list of sites designated by each Member State in the framework of two European directives; the Birds and the Habitats directives, to ensure the long-term survival of most valuable and threatened species and habitats.

Support to the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Support will be provided to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other relevant national and provincial institutions to establish the first list of potential Natura 2000 sites (SPAs and SCIs), together with an information system, database and GIS for Natura 2000. Recommendations will be provided for harmonization of Serbian legislation with EU Directives related to nature protection, and technical and administrative capacity improved for implementation of nature protection legislation.

Last updated: June 13, 2024, 11:41