Paint me the future of Europe (Artist in Residence)

The name of the concept under which Novi Sad deserved this title is "Four New Bridges" and will be presented through four different program units: "Bridge of Love", "Bridge of Freedom", "Bridge of Hope" and "Bridge of Rainbow". Each bridge has two program ports that address issues essential to understanding the city's contemporary social context. One of the arches of the program is "The Future of Europe", which aims to promote and develop children's creativity and creativity of young artists, as well as connecting Novi Sad with Europe, through cultural exchange of children and youth.

The artistic contribution to this program unit was conceived through the project "Draw me the future of Europe", which will present the vision of 8 young artists on the topic "The future is yours - imagining the future of Europe through artistic expression". The mural will be solemnly presented on May 9 as part of the celebration of Europe Day. 

Last updated: June 24, 2022, 14:37