Reinforcement of animal health and welfare

The project is important because:

  • With equivalent animal health certification standards, producers of live animals and animal origin products will be able to export to regional and international markets
  • Production of animal-friendly and high-quality products as a result of keeping and raising, transport and slaughter of animals in conditions that support five freedoms
  • Promoting responsible dog ownership will help to decrease the incidence of straying and welfare problems, a risk to public safety and reduce the number of dog bite incidents
  • Improved biosecurity standards will help to minimize risk for animal health and support the sustainability of agriculture and protection of the environment

What does it mean?

  • Animal health and welfare standards in line with EU legislation, improved economy of farmers and food industry, trade of live animals and animal origin products and their competitiveness in local and international markets
  • Efficient animal disease control strategy enabling to reduce risk of transmission of animal diseases to animals and people
  • Elevated consumer confidence in food producers through better animal welfare standards at the primary production
  • Improvement of biosecurity on animal holdings and support for sustainable animal health policy
  • Reduced dog straying and welfare problems and risk to public safety
Last updated: October 14, 2021, 11:14