Public Administration

Ongoing projects: 5
Completed projects since 2016: 9

About Sector

Public administration is backbone of every state, especially in the process of EU accession, as it leads the whole process of European integration. In that process the crucial is public administration reform (PAR) strategy and action plan as well as the public financial management reform programme.

These umbrella strategies are supported by a number of specific strategic activities. The government ensures regular monitoring and reporting on implementation of reforms, but also covers managerial accountability of the EU funds. Therefore, the projects in Serbia supported by the EU dedicated to PAR include:

  • policy planning
  • public consultationse-government, and salary system in the public sector,
  • de-politicisation and professionalisation of public service
  • managerial appointments through a merit-based procedure and a strong quality control.

The focus is also on development of a single mechanism for prioritising all investments regardless of the source of financing to ensure more realistic planning, costing, sequencing, and increased focus on performance indicators and results of capital investment planning and project appraisal in the budget process. The bottom line is to safeguard citizen’s right to user-oriented administration based on simplification of administrative procedures.  

List of key local partners/organisations

  • Ministry of European Integration
  • Ministry of finance
  • Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government
  • Republic Secretariat for Legislation
  • Republic Secretariat for Public Policies
  • State Audit Institution
  • Public Procurement Office
  • Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
  • Human Resources Management Service
  • National Academy for Public Administration
  • The Administration for Joint Services of Republic Bodies
  • The Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment
  • Governmental Audit Office of EU Funds
  • Republic Commission for Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures
  • Republic Directorate for the Property of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
  • Serbian Government - General Secretariat
  • National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  • National Bank of Serbia

The support from the EU to Public Administration reform in Serbia has amounted to more than EUR 200 million from 2000 up to now. The assets intended for public management are used for the professionalization of the management, development of electronic services, public finance control and improving the work of local self-governments and independent institutions.

Public administration reform is one of the most important elements of Serbia`s process of accession to the EU and during 2014 it was also the focus of the negotiations. A modern and expert public management is a key element to every EU member state so as to efficiently implement the laws and control the assets from the EU funds in a transparent way.

The support from the European Union is implemented in cooperation with the Serbian Government. The European Union is the biggest donor out of all other international donors put together. The donations from the European Union are used for Serbia`s development.

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