Online workshops to support incubators and their tenants

    Responding to the recent challenges and adapting to the situation caused by the COVID19 pandemic, the EUBID project has accepted the global need for online education and organized webinars for this purpose. To support the SME sector, startups, and business incubators, we have designed a series of online trainings where EUBID imparts practical knowledge and skills to the participants to facilitate the digital transition of businesses in various fields.

    Another topic we have addressed is economic support measures offered by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. In the first webinar, a draft of these measures was presented. In the second webinar, EUBID experts explained in detail what the proposed measures meant, to whom they were intended, what business entities could apply for their use and who were those who would still be unavailable for.

    In addition to economic measures to support the economy, webinars also address specific topics that should help in starting and improving a business. The guest at one webinar was Shopen e-commerce platform founder Marko Popovic. He shared his experience on how to start an online sale and provided free assistance to anyone who wants to establish their online store.

    The next webinar was dedicated to freelancers and the guest was Tamara Gavric, ambassador of UpWork, the largest global platform for freelancers. She outlined the possibilities and explained the basics of the platform, including workflow, account opening and payment.

    Fundraising for startups was also one of the topics discussed by EUBID webinar guest Aleksandar Zobec. As the Business Development Manager of F6S; the largest global startup support platform Zobec outlined the benefits of using the platform, how startups enrol in programs and how to place an account.

    All EUBID webinars can be viewed at

Last updated: June 24, 2022, 14:37