Science and Innovation

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About Sector

The EU's objective in the science and innovation sector is to create the scientific and technological preconditions for EU economic development. Member States are required to take steps and carry out the necessary activities to comprehend the European Research Area, where researchers, scientific and technological knowledge are free to move and that foster competitiveness.

Horizon Europe

On the road to the European Research Area, it is important that EU accession countries fully participate in the Framework Programs of Research, and take the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of the Framework Program for Research and Innovation - Horizon Europe.

The EU in the field of science and innovation does not seek to transpose EU rules into the national legal order. Good administrative capacity and excellence in science are required to successfully pursue research and innovation projects with partners from EU Member States and international partners.

Within this sector, the EU in Serbia promotes the quality of science, through the implementation of numerous researches, innovation and networking activities in the fields of science, education and the economy, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the Serbian economy. As part of the joint research area, Serbian scientists have been provided with mobility and training across the EU, where they are able to use new technologies and modern laboratories. On the other hand, the Serbian scientific area, as part of the European Research Area, is becoming more interesting to the European and world scientific and research staff.  

List of key local partners/organisations

  • Ministry of European Integration
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
  • Minister without portfolio in charge of innovation and technological development
  • Intellectual Property Office

The support from the EU to innovations and competitiveness in Serbia has amounted to more than EUR 200 million from 2014 up to now. The assets intended for this sector are used for encouraging the increase in the quality of science, innovation and the connection to the European and international scientists and entrepreneurs, by which the competitiveness of the Serbian economy is increased. Since 2014, Serbia has been a user of the Program Framework for Investigation and Innovation – Horizon Europe.

The EU encourages the development of science and innovation in order to create the technological prerequisites for the development of competitiveness and economy across Europe. The EU has made it possible to use a mutual investigative space and improvement in the countries of the EU, by which Serbian scientists have become visible to the European and world scientific community. 

The support from the European Union is implemented in cooperation with the Serbian Government. The European Union is the biggest donor out of all other international donors put together. The donations from the European Union are used for Serbia`s development.

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