EU for Greeen Agenda in Serbia

The project will also contribute to efforts to decarbonise and meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, reduce environmental pollution - air, land and water, as well as align with the acquis in all five areas covered by the Green Agenda:

  • decarbonisation, energy efficiency and reduction of industrial emissions;
  • circular economy for resource efficiency and industrial symbiosis;
  • reduction of environmental pollution with a focus on air quality;
  • protection and investment in biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • sustainable food systems and rural development.

The EU donation amounts to 7.2 million euros. During 2022, the Government of Switzerland provided an additional $7.1 million, the Government of Sweden provided $1.58 million, and the Government of the Republic of Serbia contributed $0.8 million for this initiative.


Complete lists of all selected solutions from all four areas of the Green Agenda covered by previous public calls:

1. Innovations for Improving Air Quality

2. Innovative Solutions for Decarbonization of the Economy and Depollution of the Environment

3. Innovative Solutions - Forests and Green infrastructure for improving natural capital and resilience to climate change

4. Innovative Solutions in the Field of Circular Economy

Last updated: June 13, 2024, 11:41