EU for Greeen Agenda in Serbia

The project will also contribute to efforts to decarbonise and meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, reduce environmental pollution - air, land and water, as well as align with the acquis in all five areas covered by the Green Agenda:

  • decarbonisation, energy efficiency and reduction of industrial emissions;
  • circular economy for resource efficiency and industrial symbiosis;
  • reduction of environmental pollution with a focus on air quality;
  • protection and investment in biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • sustainable food systems and rural development.

In August 2022, the Government of Switzerland provided 4.9M US dollars as the additional financing support for the implementation of the Green Agenda in Serbia in the next 4 years.


Complete lists of all selected solutions from all four areas of the Green Agenda covered by previous public calls:

1. Innovations for Improving Air Quality

2. Innovative Solutions for Decarbonization of the Economy and Depollution of the Environment

3. Innovative Solutions - Forests and Green infrastructure for improving natural capital and resilience to climate change

4. Innovative Solutions in the Field of Circular Economy

Last updated: January 25, 2023, 12:50