EUBID - European Union Support for Business Incubators Development

Project goals

The aim of this project is to support existing as well as newly established Bis to upgrade their services and adjust them to tenant needs.

Two types of Incubators are identified:

1. Incubators with focus to innovative, high-tech start-ups

2. Incubators with special focus on reducing unemployment of youth, women and/ะพr other vulnerable groups by supporting self-employment.

Project activities

Focus of the project will be on up-building of service portfolio of existing Bis and development of capacities of the newly established Bis to provide services in accordance with the needs of innovative start-up companies and SMEs enabling them to produce products and services with the high added value which would, consequently, increase their competitiveness in the global market as well as their export potential. These services should include e.g. innovation management counselling, product development services, networking with potential clients and/or investors, protection and development of IP rights, counselling regarding market replication/market penetration etc. Particular notion will be given to increasing capacities of both Bis and their clients for accessing finance and getting fit to aquire available financing.

Last updated: September 28, 2023, 11:29