The Project prepared the Program Budget Methodology for Judiciary which presents a comprehensive overview of the problems in the judiciary and proposes ways to first and foremost align the business processes of the judiciary with the existing legislative framework and international standards and obligations which Republic of Serbia has taken over in the EU integration process.

The primary task of the Methodology is to ensure linkage between the workload in the judiciary and the outputs produced - performance and reconciliation of the workload, human resources and budgetary volumes, and enables monitoring of the work and performance in the judiciary through the programming of goals and setting of the performance indicators.

The key instruments of the Methodology are strategic planning and goal setting documents that aim to be achieved and key information (data and facts about these goals) - strategies and action plans, programs, projects, on the basis of which it is planned to achieve a certain impact, i.e. the results of each budget beneficiary.

In order to operationalize the Methodology, the Project experts were consecutively developed the Methodological Instruction for Methodology Application. The Instruction incorporates an operational guidance for setting up a new determination model to establish a standard performance framework for case resolution. This guidance also contains the sequence of steps in gathering relevant data on the development of court budget, in accordance with the Methodology, and it will be used as a basis for the preparation of the budget of each individual court in the Republic of Serbia.

The application of the Methodology will provide a significant basis for establishing the budgetary independence of the judiciary, primarily through a completely independent process of drafting and implementing strategic planning documents and establishing judicial standards and other planning and management mechanisms.

Last updated: September 29, 2022, 01:26