Strengthening science and technology parks

Science and technology parks are a place of connection and exchange between the economy, science and institutions. Through their activities, programs and services, science and technology parks can have a great impact on the development of a country's innovation ecosystem. They typically provide a wide range of services that include business support, mentoring, workshops and trainings, access to young talent, investment funds, space and work in modern innovation laboratories. Science and technology parks are often a pillar of a country's development and can act as a catalyst for change.

Project activities during the second half of September and early October were aimed at organizing three workshops aimed at supporting the further development of a sustainable institutional framework to support innovation and technological development at the national and regional level, expanding the network of science and technology parks in Serbia and researching ways to improve and / or expand the role of science and technology parks in the development of startup ecosystems and other types of support they provide.

The workshops were designed in the format of interactive discussions and presentations of experts from different fields, so the participants had the opportunity to get better acquainted with what are and what are not national innovation systems and hear about examples of innovation systems in Slovenia and Israel. In addition, through examples presented by experts from Ireland and Romania, participants were better acquainted with the role of science and technology parks in the sustainable socio-economic development of the regions in which they were established and the role of science and technology parks and innovation centers in technology transfer and the development of startup ecosystems. Through a presentation of strategic documents (Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence, Draft Strategy for Startup Ecosystems and Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development), participants were introduced to the strategic framework and aspirations of Serbia in the development of artificial intelligence, strengthening scientific research and innovation system and their direction towards top science.

The workshops were attended by over 70 participants from the Fund for Innovation, the Center for the Promotion of Science, Science and Technology Parks Belgrade, Nis, Cacak and Novi Sad, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Fund for Innovation.

Last updated: October 26, 2021, 16:34